Politicians ( at least ) Cover Up Your Face….!

The following story will never walk, run or happen in India – which is a highly developed country with qualified politicians and satisfied subjects; with milk flowing as a white brook on one side of the road and honey flowing as a brown brook on the other. The citizens often get intoxicated with excess drinking of honey -: as a high degree of sugar equals alcohol.
This somewhat devastating story happened in a location called as BF ( Burkino Fasa ) in the sub-African continent where nothing except starving people and thirsty animals existed. But as global economy prospered due to neo-liberal policies of different Marxist governments BF also galloped. Money came in and with it democracy spread its wings.
Roads turned to runways and flights took of and so too politicians’ ambition for wealth. Soon everything was done only with a commission and the pack was led by the 10% President.
When money came through unearned ways politicians had to find a way to spent it. Soon sex became a hobby for them. They were supplied with girls in ice cream parlors and high ranges by loyal pimps. One even had the fancy in an airborne flight.
With development of media, public consciousness also grew. Some sexual encounters of the fourth kind by them began to get exposed. People started questioning them. There was a reader politician in the ruling pack. He had read even the works of Vadakke Koottale Narayanankutty ( VKN ) hailing from a remote village called Tiruvilwamala in Garbage’s own country. The story told by the wise sexual politician runs like this.
The upper castes in a feudal village had the right to use any number of low caste women for sex and have unlimited children in them. The children never knew that the landlord was their sperm donor. But one day an urchin had the affront to call a landlord “DAD!”. The dad fumed and snorted, seeing which the lad scrammed, never to return.
People of BF were also beginning to behave like the undisciplined Keralite lad. What shall we do, was the moot question. We have to continue with the commission and free sex, et al. But how?
They went to an old experienced journalist. He advised:
“Use condom’.
‘We use it, stupid’.
‘No you do not’.
‘You want evidence?’
‘You caught me wrong. Use a big one to cover your face also’.
Thus the issue was settled and cover up given to the whole scandal and the politicians lived

happily ever after.





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About madhunanr

Am a writer. Have published four books. Two in Malayalam (vernacular of Kerala state, India) and two in English. The first book is 'A sweating mind" (poems). The poem Named "Mother" was appreciated by Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, former President of India. The second book 'Glimpses of life through cobweb' was published in July, 2015.

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