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My eldest sister’s youngest daughter’s wedding

The title reminds you of Dostoevsky’s story ‘My uncle’s dream’ (of a wedding); unlike the readers of that story fainting midway or towards the end of the story you will find my thoughts interesting, enterprising and bound with traditions.
I am primarily a scientist with a doctorate, then an engineer and finally a computer expert. The scientist’s endeavor is with social science, politics, economics, astrophysics, astronomy, art and on breaking social barriers, bombarding caste, wealth and finally on organic foods for human beings’ well being and health.
Even though I am such a versatile genius I am humble as a potato- reason:- first of all I am an Indian and secondly a South Indian.
I am now in a transatlantic flight over the¬† Atlantic ocean second only to the vast Pacific ocean. My destination is South India. I am to meet my tryst with destiny. Hope you understood my humble thoughts. Yes friends, I am going to get married. To preserve the old culture and heritage values and customs of my remote metropolitan village I am happy to announce that I am marrying my eldest sister’s youngest daughter so as people, money and faulty DNA doesn’t go out of the family. From the airport I have to catch the Chennai Express.
Dear friends I am sharing my worries also. Someone had the affront to tell me that my sister and I are of the same generation and that her daughter is my daughter also. Who is going to heed to such brawling  donkeys descended from foolish monkeys (with regards to the eminent scientist Mr.Charles Darwin who invented that non believers are blood relatives of an unknown primitive ape.)
You are hereby warmly welcomed to my eldest sister’s youngest daughter’s wedding.