Man the elite being’s fallout:

As long as man thinks that he is an elite being he will fall into such troubles. As everything in the man’s continents have been solved he goes to the no man’s Antarctica and gets stuck like a fool.

The penguin is actually graceful unlike man who would treat his fellow beings with scorn in such situations. But it is only natural to have a smile on seeing such foolish things.

If such is the smile on the penguin, then what about the earthworms around CERN where the LHC is located and man is on the verge of discovering the functions/origin of the Universe. The poor things may be laughing their heads off. The Times of India has recently reported that laughing too much is also not good for health. That is a cause of worry for worm lovers!


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Am a writer. Have published four books. Two in Malayalam (vernacular of Kerala state, India) and two in English. The first book is 'A sweating mind" (poems). The poem Named "Mother" was appreciated by Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, former President of India. The second book 'Glimpses of life through cobweb' was published in July, 2015.

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