A reply to Kum/Smt. (whatever the case may be) Harithra Sriharan daughter of Nalini and Murugan, killers of Rajiv Gandhi

Dear Harithra Sriharan,

You are 22 and I am 47. Being 25 years older than you and to post some harsh words against you is injustice. But there is no age for justice. From the time we remember things till old age we are children to our parents. In that sense even in 47 i am a child to my parents
Accepting this norm I am writing this.

i was conceived when my parents had honeymoon. Both of them are dead and i can assure that they never murdered any; not even conspired to it. If you are 22 as reported in Times of India (21/02/2014) you were born in 1992 and conceived 9 months earlier. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 21/05/1991. So apart from honeymooning your parents were conspiring to kill Rajiv Gandhi.
I don’t know if you know Mahabharata. Duryodhana’s mother Gandhari never blessed her son to win the war for the 18 days. All she said was ‘dharma (truth) will win’. The ill acts of the children should never be justified by the parents and similarly the ill acts of the parents should also never be justified by the children.
Your appeal for mercy to your parents is similar to mercy to Dawood Ibrahim by his parents. Both are unjustified.
A child born to killers has every right to lead a decent and meaningful life. Madam you have my support here. But it should discard the cruel elements in its parents.
The present atmosphere in Tamilnadu is that anyone speaking ill of you will be thrashed.
A daughter’s state of mind whose parents, who were both condemned to death and are in jail is quite understandable.
You have appealed telephonically, to Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka to forgive your parents for killing their father Rajiv Gandhi, from Britain.
You are wrong in restricting your appeal to these celebrity children.

Your parents had killed no ordinary person. Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India and also the Opposition Leader later. He was public property madam. A search in net shows that at least 14 others were killed that day. The whole world came to know of the killers not through the confession of your parents, but from the photo taken by a cameraman who was also killed. So please, Madame search for the families of the other 14 and ask them to forgive your parents. It was reported earlier in the media that Priyanka had met your mother in jail and had forgiven her.
You are stated to be in Britain. An Indian in Britain is no beggar. Have you inquired about the condition of the children of the dead persons besides Rahul and Priyanka. How did you go to Britain madam? You have many supporters like your parents. If you come to Tamilnadu you will be given a royal welcome and may even win elections to be a minister whether it is DMK or ADMK ministry.
The boss of your parents (Mr.V.Prabhakaran) was a rich man, the money coming from voluntary contribution to extortion. The wealth is there, only the leader has been eliminated. Do you know why Rajiv was killed? Prabhakaran thought that if Rajiv Gandhi came back to power he would be persecuted by Rajiv. See madam a person was killed to remove the hallucination of another person. That was the rule of the LTTE boss who made killings even in Madras, which is not his country.
As soon as your father’s death penalty was commuted a policeman who was at the blast site responded in The Times of India that he still fears that sound of the explosion. He requests his children not to burst crackers on Diwali day. Such is the psychosis created by the killers.
Sriharan you may be speaking at the behest of others, most probably politicians of India. They may be advising you to utilize the opportunity given by our Supreme Court.
Madam there are others of the same generation of Rahulgandhi and Priyanka Robert Vadra living in those 14 homes. You better approach them also or it would be better you shut up.


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About madhunanr

Am a writer. Have published four books. Two in Malayalam (vernacular of Kerala state, India) and two in English. The first book is 'A sweating mind" (poems). The poem Named "Mother" was appreciated by Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, former President of India. The second book 'Glimpses of life through cobweb' was published in July, 2015.

6 responses to “A reply to Kum/Smt. (whatever the case may be) Harithra Sriharan daughter of Nalini and Murugan, killers of Rajiv Gandhi”

  1. Shilpi says :

    Very nicely written, I completely agree with you. If she is living in Britain she is not poor, she has more facilities than other people living in India. Her parents have not only killed Rajiv Gandhi but many others. They should never be released.

    • madhunanr says :

      Sorry for the belated reply. i do not know much of this. Thanks a lot Shilpi.

      • Hari says :

        But is it right for a convict to be kept in jail for 26 years? Isnt that mental torture sufficient punishment? If punishment is to serve as deterrent, let us not forget that the LTTE as an organization is eliminated.

      • madhunanr says :

        Hari deterrent is only for those who approve of the crime. They have never admitted to the crime. Jail till death exists in many countries where death penalty is disapproved. It is said LTTE was a Rs.1000 crore organization. Prabhakaran was killed not LTTE’s assets. When the time is appropriate the tiger may spring back.

  2. Adhirath singh says :

    Okay, i totally agree with you. Rajeev Gandhi was a public property xD. That was funny.
    Why dont you talk about the sikh riots of 1984? The fact isn’t hidden from anyone that thousands of Sikhs had to lose their lives for no reason. And that all happened when congress was in rule. Rajeev Gandhi’s involvement isnt hidden either. He was the one who planned everything. He was never punished. His murderers have done something that our law could have never done. How do you know that Nalini was also involved?
    You are a part of a hypocrite society. Wake up Sir!

    • madhunanr says :

      Rajeev is the first accused in the 1984 Delhi riots case and he was never punished or even made an accused. It is said that end justifies the means, but is it right? LTTE eliminated Rajeev for another reason. We know many things through news reports, not first hand information.

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