O Supreme Court, hear if you have ears

Deccan Chronicle (14/02/2014) reports:

Man who raped, murdered 9-year-old boy in 1995, executed in Florida :

Juan Carlos Chavez, 46, who spent the past 15 years on death row, was declared dead of lethal injection after 8:00 pm (0100 GMT on Thursday), said Florida prisons spokeswoman Misty Cash. He was put to death two hours later than planned due to a last-ditch appeal that was ultimately rejected by the US Supreme Court.

An ordinary Indian’s opinion:

Criminals are the same all over the world. If a hardcore killer can be executed after 15 years from the date of crime in USA, why can’t it be done in India? India is no better than US as a democracy.
The Supreme Court on India let off 15 convicts from death penalty recently citing delay. Courts itself being centres of delay are blaming the Executive for delay in action. The delay here is not against law abiding citizens, but who killed innocents for no cause or for money or in the name of fanaticism.
The writers of our Constitution gave enormous powers to courts for protecting the innocents not these killers.
We may have to wait for an incarnation for the Supreme Court to ‘see’ the plights and tears of the family members of the persons killed by these animals.

Somewhere there was a cartoon strip namely “All in the game”. It is apt here


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