Rahul VS Arnab

Watch out for the interview of Shri.Rahul Gandhi ( Rahul Gandhi) by Mr.Arnab Goswami (Arnab Goswami), editor- in -chief, Times Now( TIMES NOW):
Excerpts with untimely intervention by the special correspondent of Indian edition of VOA ( Voice of Asses):

Arnab: Are you avoiding a direct face-off with Narendra Modi?

Rahul: To understand that question you have to understand a little bit about who Rahul Gandhi is and what Rahul Gandhi’s circumstances have been and if you delve into that you will get an answer to the question of what Rahul Gandhi is scared of and what he is not scared of.

Ass: Stop this, already we have two Prime Ministers for the past ten years. Does this mean that when Rahulji becomes Prime Minister there will be two others, making a total of three. Sir, the person answering you mentions three Rahul Gandhis. For the past ten years we are used to seeing two PMs (double role), should we understand that we would see three PMs, like three Dilip Kumars in Bairaag. We should be given special training to cope up with this.

Meanwhile the democratic citizens boo the ass down, give thumbs up to Rahul, and encourage Arnab to continue the show.
Ass gets disgusted. He scribbles furiously in his note pad, his report to VOA. In it he remembers seeing the recently released 3 D version of Sholay. Hemamalini takes Amitab & Dharmendra in her cart for a ride! She talks non-stop till the destination and then complaints to them,
” mera nam kyon na poocha?”
To which Amitab famously replies:
“Basanthi thumara naam kya he basanthi”!

Arnab should have asked the same question, “Rahul Gandhi what is your good name, Rahul Gandhi?”. The foolish citizens have spoiled the question.

Arnab: Mr. Gandhi let’s move on to the RTI. Which is the single biggest legislation to combat corruption. Which you said in your speech at the AICC that was something that you were speaking about. Now, I find it ironical that a party which has 90.38% of its funds from cash between 2008 and 2012. 89.11% of its money comes from unaccounted sources, unnamed sourced. Why would you not say charity begins at home? And let us put the Congress party and its funds under the scanner of the RTI. Why would you not bring the same freshness of perspective in this case as you did when you dealt with the issue of the ordinance.

Rahul: I think that political parties should be under RTI if political parties feel, and it’s a law that has to be passed in parliament. If political parties unanimously feel that that should be the case then it should be the case.

Ass felt like howling like hell.
Donation to political parties = Black money
And no one protesting. Being jeered Ass was too frustrated to make any comments.

Ass’ further report went like this:
Women empowerment, women empowerment, women empowerment.
Corruption, corruption, corruption,
1984, 1984,1984
2002, 2002, 2002
Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi.

I did not feel like being in an interview room, but an auction hall of Sotheby’s.( Sotheby’s).


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