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Gold n woman

O gold thou know not
What you do to women.
O woman thou know not
What you do to men.
While women go after gold
Men go after women
A kind of rotation/revolution
Why after me?
Is the question by both
And in spite of the cost
The chase continues….!


And Twain came with a cane

Tom Sawyer was not a sawyer
Huckleberry Finn had no fins
The unnatural twins had some adventures
(but misadventures for us school kids)
Adventures not on road
But in the head of Mark Twain.
Alas, we had to suffer for it
’cause Twain wrote his dreams,
Contributions to literature
And we were left to study it
Caned by teachers
Scolded by parents.
Even though the first name of Twain was Mark
We never got marks for his stories
If going to school on Monday was miserable for Tom
We felt so for the whole week.
The teachers with cane in their hands
Had the serious look of Mark Twain
With the mighty moustache.
In the wildest of our dreams we saw
Tom sawying Huckleberry’s fins,
Like the weird dreams Pi saw
While floating on the ocean.
We pray to God even now
Not to repeat the school day dreams
As we are grown ups.

Romance in the mountains

When sun beats the mighty Himalayas
when snow melts into water
when the waters converge to form
the majestic Ganga, a vein of the Himalayas
when Ganga flows down
through the valleys, to the plains
does the Himalayas feel the pang…
on seeing his departing lover.

On N.A.N.R. (N.A.Narayanaswamy) and our new home

NANR @ N.A.Narayanaswamy (16/05/1897 to 24/06/1951) is my paternal grandfather who lived in Kollam (Quilon), Kerala. He had come from Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu to Kerala for a living. In the early stages it is said that he was a street vendor of ghee and sooji in Kollam. Later he turned to cashew business and went on to own 19 cashew factories named NANR, the Quilon pencil factory, a whole sale provision store and numerous properties in and around Kollam. In cashew business he was second only to Thangal Kunju Musaliar (TKM). His death was sudden leaving huge wealth for his descendants.
My father was his second living son and inherited about twenty acres. Sadly he couldn’t do justice to his father’s business legacy. What i inherited from my father is 10 cents in Main Road, Kollam. From birth till i got a job at 21 years i lived on the sweat of my grand father including my inheritance.
Today, after 22 years of living in rented houses post my marriage, at the 49th year we have bought our home in Sri Nagar, NCC Road, Peroorkada, Trivandrum. My wife and i work at AG’s Office (A&E), Trivandrum and have two children.
We plan to name our home after NANR. Due to financial constraints he house warming would be a private affair. i am also uploading the photos of my grand father.

‪#‎7thpaycommissionreport‬: On CCL (Child Care Leave)

The 6th pay commission had recommended 730 days paid leave for women as child care leave for rearing children up to 18 years.
Justice B.N.Sri Krishna had also recommended staggered office hours for ladies to care children. The UPA govt. allowed the first recommendation only.
Now the 7th pay commission has recommended to give full pay only for the first 365 days of CCL and only 80% pay for the next 365 days.
The chairman of the 7th pay commission Justice Mathur seems to be a mother hater, or a child hater?


Prayar Gopalakrishnan is being rightly trolled for his stupidity.
People are calling his mom for his idiocy.
After all he shouldn’t be a disgrace to his political masters, isn’t it?
Carry on Gopala……all the best.

Alarm bells for BJP?

BJP has lost a LS seat in MP, its own state for over 80000 votes. Modis’s NDA has now 281 MPs in Lok Sabha.
Now Congress has 45 seats and that’s something cheerful for their VP, after the Bihar success.
Meanwhile all is not lost for BJP. For the first time they have won 2 seats in Manipur assembly. The food habits of Manipur includes beef also. Is it a problem for you Mr. BJP?
BJP should ask itself why it was voted out in 2004 and was not elected in 2009, denying the great Advani a chance to become PM. India is of the same stupid citizens. They voted in Modi to rule out corruption and for a developed India not to develop Hinduism.
Modi should not be a brush in the hands of RSS/Hindutva forces if they want to paint India saffron.