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What a FALL, O Judiciary!

The Indian judiciary is at it once again, in commuting the death sentence of surender koli. A division bench of the Allahabad HC has done this job. koli is accused of killing 16 minor girls and 3 women. He is even accused of eating human body parts. The girls & women were kidnapped to **** and not to serve sermons. He was let off the noose for the following reasons,

1. an INORDINATE delay of 3 years and 3 months in disposing the mercy petition.
2. solitary confinement
3. violation of Article 21 – Right to life

An ordinary Indian’s views:
The pending case of Indian Judiciary if piled up will go above the Eiffel Tower.
Should this merciless killer allowed to socialize?
The 19 dead persons too had a right to life which was taken by this killer.

This verdict would be seen as a big joke. The families of the victims who are mostly poor have spend a great amount of money in conducting the cases. The HC bench should have ordered the reimbursement of their legal expenses.

A killer is awarded death penalty by the trial court, later to be confirmed by the HC & SC. How is that the same SC comes to the rescue of the killer stating frivolous reasons? Why should courts be allowed to revisit their own verdicts? As long as the mercy petition is delayed the killer is fortunate to be alive.
Not only the politicians consider us as asses, there are others too.