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On terrorism?

Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Maldives, UAE, Saudi and Yemen (all Muslim nations) have cut ties with Qatar accusing it of supporting IS and Muslim brotherhood.
Even if a dog barks in J&K India would cry hoarse at Pak for supporting terrorism.
Now what India has to say on Qatar? Or is it money/oil first and peace next?

Cow fights

Cow fights,

Spaniards fight with bulls while Indians fight over cows.
The holy cow has made many Indians so aggressive that they are ready to kill people for cows. Only man drinks milk post childhood. He has spoilt his pets too with milk.
Cow is reared for dairy purpose only and post an age it stops giving milk (after 3-4 pregnancies) and becomes useless to the farmer who gives it to slaughter. If he intends to keep it he would have to feed it denting his income from other productive and profitable milking cows.
If the government wants to stop slaughter of cows then it should buy the dry cows from the farmer and rear it on public money. Then the farmers’ gain would be the citizen’s pain/loss who would be paying Income Tax for rearing cows.
It would be better to stop using milk which will finally stop raising dairy cattle and ultimately there would be no cows to slaughter and we could always pray to the holy cow in heaven Kamadhenu seen in photos!
Indians never protested the 52 days of hardship of note ban. Hence there would be no protest if the Government of India buys all the cattle from the farmers and rear it. The farmers should be adequately compensated so that they could start other ventures, of course those which are not prohibited by culture.

A tale of two amici curiae (plural of amicus curiae) aka friendly person of the SC.

For all those who came late

On 16/12/2012 Jyothi was brutalized and raped by six brutes in a moving bus in Delhi and she died on 29/12/2012 in a Singapore hospital.

Of the six one hanged himself in Tihar jail.

One minor was in a juvenile home and was released on attaining majority. Menaka Gandhi famously reported that for the government to arrest him he has to commit another offense, till then he is a free bird. It can be assumed that he is in India maybe even in your neighborhood. As his photo was never published you may not even know him even if he is travelling next to you in a train/bus but he has the liberty to to choose his next victim.

The next four were awarded death penalty by the trial court and duly approved by the HC. The SC has concluded hearing their appeals for judgement. SC had appointed two amicus curaie regarding the implementation of the death penalty. Both of them have given opinion against the death penalty for the following reasons,

1. young age of the accused
2. their social circumstances
3. mitigating circumstances
4. no proof of who brutalized Jyothi

With regard to the Soumya case from Kerala the SC was happy in absolving the accused from death penalty. Soumya was pushed from a moving train and raped by govindachamy. She later died in a hospital of head injuries from the fall. The reasons given by the judges was that govindachamy had no intention of killing Soumya, he “just” wanted to rape her. Moreover there is no proof that Soumya did not jump from the train on her own! govindachamy is in Kerala prison having his daily mutton curry which he earned through a strike. He has put on 8 kilos since his incarceration.

What we can safely assume is that the SC would save these four from death penalty and may give such frivolous reasons. The government as usual would go for a curative/review petition but in vain. They would be happily living in Tihar for the rest of their lives. It should be noted that one of the accused had told Leslee Udwin in her documentary “India’s daughter” that Jyothi should have just lied down and she that paid for her retaliation.

Her cries for help which shocked the whole world would not be heard by our esteemed SC judges. Had these two been appointed earlier one of the accused would never have committed suicide.
Manmohan Singh had said that her death would not go in vain which is just going to happen.

And finally if someone is saying that her soul would not rest in peace, the answer should be “GO TO HELL” both the questioner and the soul of Jyothi.

News from ELITE Kerala

For the past three months a tussle between lawyers and journalists is going on in Kerala. It started with the groping by a government pleader who practices in the High Court of Kerala in Kochi (Ernakulam) in July 2016. When the woman raised alarm locals caught the running lawyer and handed him over to the police. The public were very supportive to the woman. Next day the news was given wide coverage in the media. Kerala was on the boil on atrocities to woman as a young law student was raped and killed in the same district in April this year. There was a report that the locals were stunned to see the police saluting the advocate caught red handed.
From the next day itself the lawyers in courts all over Kerala including the High Court attacked the media persons. In some cases the attack was so violent that the areas around the courts were cordoned off. The lawyers were handled with kid gloves by the government and the courts itself. The then acting Chief Justice, a well revered judge, opined that it would be better if the media abstained from courts for some time. The present Chief Justice has also not shown any serious effort to solve the issue. When the journalist tried to file a case in the HC no lawyer would take the case. Now they have approached the SC where proceedings have started.
The Chief Minister too was not serious in solving the issue. Most of the law students are from SFI a feeder organisation of the Left Front government. Now fed up with the issue he has said that courts are not the private property of lawyers. As long as the matter is not seen seriously by the government or the judiciary reporting on court cases will suffer. Now media have to collect news from the open courts. The media rooms have been closed. IPI (International Press Institute) have twice appealed to the authorities to solve the issue, in vain.

A review of my book – “Glimpses of Life Through Cobweb” by Mr.Brian Wrixon

Glimpses of Life Through Cobweb

By Madhu N R

Published by Partridge India (2015)

ISBN 978-1-4828-4571-6

104 pages

Reviewed by Brian E. Wrixon

Founder of “Poets with Voices Strong”


It’s an interesting little book, one of those that leaves you scratching your head and then thumbing back through its pages. I quickly came to the conclusion that Madhu is a person with whom I would like to spend an afternoon, in the off chance that I might be successful in nailing down just who the real Madhu is.

Reading Glimpses of Life Through Cobweb is like being a spectator at a race car track. You know your favourite driver is behind the wheel of car #29, but every time it makes the circuit and roars past the starting point, a new driver is behind the wheel. As I read through the book, I am confronted by an author who is at one time a philosopher, then an artist, a lover, a patriot, a humourist, an historian, a social commentator and the list could go on and on. The question remains for me, “Just who or what is Madhu?” All I know for certain is that Madhu is a writer who keeps me engrossed throughout the entire book, and one whose brain must operate at racing speeds.

This slim volume is comprised of three parts – Poems, Stories and the Cobweb dialogues. The first two sections are self-explanatory, whereas the last one needs some description. The author tells us that Cobweb has two characters, a spider and a sloth, both of which are symbols of human beings. The deadly spider is waiting for the sloth to fall into its web but the boring and wily sloth always manages to steer clear of the trap. Their dialogue consists of a series of questions and answers or statements and counter statements. It is all highly entertaining.

My favourite poem in the book is the first one, “Ode to a Tigress from India”. It is a tribute to Jyoti Singh, the young medical intern who was the victim of that horrific attack on a bus in Delhi in 2012. More than a tribute to her and to women in general, it is also a strong social commentary on men, the police, and society itself that allows such things to happen in the first place, and then does little to keep them from happening again. One could easily just change a few words in Madhu’s poem to create a similar diatribe against gun violence in the USA, or the backlash against refugees in Europe. The author’s strong feelings and disgust with the system and its do-nothing supporters literally spits from the page. The people were outraged and protested vehemently, but the system has done nothing since that dreadful. The problem continues. I find it interesting to note Madhu’s contention that if Nirbhaya (Fearless) had died in India instead of Singapore, Delhi would have burned.

My favourite short story in Glimpses of Life Through Cobweb is “Vincent Van Gogh Meets Death”. It is the story of a conversation that Vincent has with Death while he lays there waiting the end of his life. Death is surprised that Vincent does not appear to fear him like most people do when at their final point of worldly departure. Vincent tells him that he has always had more trouble dealing with Death’s enemy. “My enemy, who is that?” Death asks him. Vincent replies, “Life.” Like all of Madhu’s short stories, this one is well-written, poignant and surprising.

The final section of the book is most entertaining. The Cobweb dialogues between the Spider and the Sloth will leave you laughing at times, shaking your head, shedding a tear, shouting “Aha!”, or sometimes “O no!” It is through the give and take of these two line conversations that we see all aspects of Madhu’s personality and sometimes his strange ways of thinking. Call them repartee, wit and quick retort, fast thinking or whatever you wish, the fact is that the dialogues are brilliant. Once more we see a writer’s brain operating at 100 miles an hour. As the author says in the Introduction to COBWEB, “This is NOT – non-political, non-philosophical, non-sexual, non-satirical, non-ironical, and non-absurd.”

The next time I am in Trivandrum Madhu, please put on the kettle for a pot of tea. I would love to spend the afternoon trying to keep up to you. On second thought, maybe you had better make it something stronger than tea!

Glimpses of Life Through Cobweb is a good read and has my full recommendation. I look for more in the future from this talented writer.

Gold n woman

O gold thou know not
What you do to women.
O woman thou know not
What you do to men.
While women go after gold
Men go after women
A kind of rotation/revolution
Why after me?
Is the question by both
And in spite of the cost
The chase continues….!