On the Chief Election Commissioner of India

The EC has not declared the poll dated in Gujarat even though the dates are nearing. Meanwhile the state and central leaders are announcing various developments for the state including pay revision for the govt. staff. On a quid pro quo basis would the CEC be accommodated in the party for future benefits for not announcing the dates?


O TOI Quo Vadis?

i usually read and comment in the online section of The Times of India. Today i received a mail from them. This is it,

Dear Reader,
Your comment has been taken off the website as our user community did not approve of it. We encourage you to participate in conversations on the site while refraining from posting obscene, defamatory, or inflammatory comments and not indulging in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community or copying message from the article itself.

Comment Removed:
(“Mr. Modi states gave consent to implement GST but the centre implemented it in a foolish way.”)

Best wishes,
Team TOI

i wonder what is obscene, defamatory, inflammatory, personal attack, name calling or inciting hatred against any community in this comment.

The Brian Wrixon effect

Went to see a media adviser of a daily on the recommendation of a respectable personality. A Malayalam review of my book Glimpses of Life Through Cobweb written by my daughter’s friend Ambika was in the concerned section for the past 8/9 months. Gifted this person one copy of the book. He browsed it and said “What I have to say is that this lacks readability”. i was not disappointed. “Sir, please see this”, i gave him a copy of the review written by Brian Sir. He went through it patiently and once again read the “Cobweb” part. He was impressed by one post, offered advise to be cautious about writing against judiciary/legislature after reading another one. He has promised to take up the matter and asked me to contact him on Tuesday.

Have read somewhere that many books remain fixed in stands until someone writes about them. Think i am fortunate to get a review from Brian Sir. As i have said earlier no review of this book is going to go above this one!! 😀

Banker’s version

Loans are products offered by banks
When you buy a home on loan
You are buying two things
A home and a home loan
The EMIs would squeeze you
The dreams of owning a home
Results in you being the owner of the home loan
The bank being the real owner of your home
A consolation is that a hypothecated board need not be exhibited
Your vacation post this loan would be on dreams
As thought runs faster than light
You could go for a world tour and return in minutes
So consider the home you bought through loan not just as a home
But as a resort and have daily vacations till the end of the EMI/your life
Whichever is first.

A telling/taxing story!!?

Shiva was rich and he gave a gift of one lakh rupees to Brahma. Brahma was not poor and was in the 30% tax bracket. As he was trustworthy and also more taxworthy Brahma paid Rs.30000/- as income tax immediately. Later Shiva and Brahma fell out and Brahma repaid the gift minus the tax he paid. Shiva too was a tax obedient person and immediately paid Rs.21000/- ,out of the Rs.70000/- he received, as income tax as he too was in the 30% bracket.
Meanwhile Vishnu heard of this story and seeing that no development was taking place in his panchayat went to the director of IT dept who was measuring his chest which was a daily routine. On hearing Vishnu’s complaint Mr.Chest coolly said, “I know everything. We have got only Rs.51000/- as IT. Shiva has with him a balance of Rs.50000/- with him for which he is making a tax evasion plan. European style development will come to your land as soon as Shiva’s money is brought/caught over as tax. Do not worry my subject, please go and have a sound sleep as you have no taxes to pay.”
Assured, Vishnu went to his village and had a sound sleep where he dreamt that tax hounds chasing Shiva and his hares.
Readers may get a 98.26% GST notice for noticing this storylike absurdity.

Prathap Kamath on genius

mm282(received this as a comment from Prathap on an earlier post by me- MM 282)

“Genius I think is an extraordinary energy originating from some mysterious source in some people. Unlike talent it can’t be influenced by individuals having it, in the way of developing it. It is a constant measure one is born with. It will have its way, though its expression may not become famous in everyone’s case – the hidden geniuses. Van Gogh was one such during his lifetime. His genius seems to have manifested itself in ways other than painting in the form of uncontrollable passions bordering on insanity. He committed suicide eventually.”


In front of the Trivandrum railway station there is a premium parking area. The parking charge two wheeler is Rs.10/- for two hours. Yesterday was shocked to find that the parking fees increased to Rs.15/-. When asked why the answer was GST. As posted earlier it should be GFT where is F=Duck. 

It’s OK if the money is used for developments. But can anyone prove that this money is not used for protecting the Huriyat leaders in Kashmir.