In front of the Trivandrum railway station there is a premium parking area. The parking charge two wheeler is Rs.10/- for two hours. Yesterday was shocked to find that the parking fees increased to Rs.15/-. When asked why the answer was GST. As posted earlier it should be GFT where is F=Duck. 

It’s OK if the money is used for developments. But can anyone prove that this money is not used for protecting the Huriyat leaders in Kashmir.


Making privacy public?

Linking PAN with Aadhaar is nothing
Linking Aadhaar with FB is the thing
Zuckerburg should be shown the door
If he thinks his F book is bigger than
Aadhaar aka Modhaar
Modiji’s pet programme
Designed by ManmohanSingh.

On the hound and the hare

Trump praises Saudi on cutting ties with Qatar
His assistant calls Qatar and offers America’s support.
US has about 8000 soldiers in Qatar.
Are they fighting for IS or against them?

Cow fights

Spaniards fight with bulls while Indians fight over cows.
The holy cow has made many Indians so aggressive that they are ready to kill people for cows. Only man drinks milk post childhood. He has spoilt his pets too with milk.
Cow is reared for dairy purpose only and post an age it stops giving milk (after 3-4 pregnancies) and becomes useless to the farmer who gives it to slaughter. If he intends to keep it he would have to feed it denting his income from other productive and profitable milking cows.
If the government wants to stop slaughter of cows then it should buy the dry cows from the farmer and rear it on public money. Then the farmers’ gain would be the citizen’s pain/loss who would be paying Income Tax for rearing cows.
It would be better to stop using milk which will finally stop raising dairy cattle and ultimately there would be no cows to slaughter and we could always pray to the holy cow in heaven Kamadhenu seen in photos!
Indians never protested the 52 days of hardship of note ban. Hence there would be no protest if the Government of India buys all the cattle from the farmers and rear it. The farmers should be adequately compensated so that they could start other ventures, of course those which are not prohibited by culture.

Naturally unnatural or Unnaturally natural

The language i love to hear most
Is not my mother tongue
Nor the language in which i think
Or write.
Tis silence!
The light i love to see most
Is not from Sun
Nor the lights lit by power
Or the sparkling fireworks.
Tis the light inside my mother’s womb!
The mother i love most
Is not my natural mother
Nor the one who reared me
Or the one who told me stories.
Tis Nature!
For she bears and rears not only me
But also all my mothers.


where S=service & F=fleecing!!
The service tax at present @ 15% is itself more and this is going to increase to 18% for most cases.
There is going to be a special midnight session of Parliament today.
Invitees include Ratan Tata, Latha Mangeshkar and Amitabh Bachan. Who are these three? Even if salt is sold at Rs.1000/- per kg there is no problem for them.
It should have been Goods Fleecing Tax, not Goods Service Tax.

In Hollywood F stands for another word which is more appropriate here.

O Darjeeling!!!

The present problem in the hills started on two issues. Making Bengali compulsory in schools and a cabinet meeting held by Mamatha Banerji at Darjeeling.
People in power should see that their actions or orders do not bring dissent. If language never brought votes then it would have been left alone.
The order regarding Bengali has been revoked, but the agitation for statehood continues. And for the cabinet meeting it has been reported that Darjeeling is the summer capital of Bengal. The information is new and strange.
The CM should shed arrogance and find a speedy solution for the issue.