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The Never Ending YEARS

For all the old years that went by,
For all the new years to come and
The current year 2015 AD:-

Earth has been conveniently subdivided into nations to be ruled over.
Nations have been divided into developed, developing and Underdeveloped.

A Kerala model development model is said everywhere, which shows Kerala is a developed state. Development never stops here and Nature is not an impediment. A big mustached minster in this cabinet is always ready to give forest land to settlers and encroachers be setting a cut off date. Now it is said to be before 01-01-1977 which will be conveniently revised on or without receipt of applications.This genius once called his constituency his second wife and received a good thrashing from the writer Dr.Sukumar Azhikode after which he lives with his first wife.

Counting by the years we can assume that man is developed, even though his nation is developing or underdeveloped, for the past 2014 years. Now it is the 2015th year man has been counting time year wise in an ascending manner.
Before that, years were counted backwards! It is like India and Pakistan talking to each other. One step forward and then two steps backward. That means from the year 1947 the talks may have lead both the nation to about the year 1953. Both Indian and Pakistanis should congratulate each other on this FEAT. Both of us have many more years to go back!

It is not known whether the year zero existed. Math says after the negative numbers comes zero and then starts positive numbers. So when we travel backward to year 1 AD the zero year should come and then the minus years@BC. But alas the Math of years defy, there was no zero year.

Thank God (Christ) we are able to move forward through the time table of years due to God’s intervention.