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Indian thrashed in US by cops…

Not only when in Rome,
While in US also do as the Americans do.

The American police have become paranoid since the 2001 attack on the twin towers of WTC. We cannot blame them for being so, they have to protect their citizens. It is said that by 2042 US would become a white minority nation. The Jihadists are trying to eliminate/islamize US before that. Reports says that cops’ highhandedness is always against the colored people, which may not be absolutely true. The fact may be that they treat all suspects in the same manner. A boy who carried a toy gun was shot fatally, and another unarmed person was also shot dead.
No one including the cops like to be shot. The toy gun may have looked like a real one, when the unarmed suspect is not obliging the cop they react which results in causalities. It would be better to teach citizens not be shot by the police. An innocent person doesn’t have be afraid of a honest cop. It was reported that the Indian in this case offered some resistance to the police. This may have brought fear in them. Moreover he did not know English and there should have been some communication problem.

As prevention is better than cure, it would be better to save your body and life. If the suspect keeps quiet they may handcuff him and take him to the police station, from where he could come out without bruises.


What a FALL, O Judiciary!

The Indian judiciary is at it once again, in commuting the death sentence of surender koli. A division bench of the Allahabad HC has done this job. koli is accused of killing 16 minor girls and 3 women. He is even accused of eating human body parts. The girls & women were kidnapped to **** and not to serve sermons. He was let off the noose for the following reasons,

1. an INORDINATE delay of 3 years and 3 months in disposing the mercy petition.
2. solitary confinement
3. violation of Article 21 – Right to life

An ordinary Indian’s views:
The pending case of Indian Judiciary if piled up will go above the Eiffel Tower.
Should this merciless killer allowed to socialize?
The 19 dead persons too had a right to life which was taken by this killer.

This verdict would be seen as a big joke. The families of the victims who are mostly poor have spend a great amount of money in conducting the cases. The HC bench should have ordered the reimbursement of their legal expenses.

A killer is awarded death penalty by the trial court, later to be confirmed by the HC & SC. How is that the same SC comes to the rescue of the killer stating frivolous reasons? Why should courts be allowed to revisit their own verdicts? As long as the mercy petition is delayed the killer is fortunate to be alive.
Not only the politicians consider us as asses, there are others too.

Barack Obama @ the Evangelist OR across the religion into the God

Barack Obama, the President of USA, is said to be the most powerful person on Earth. There are exceptions to this notion, for example, control of guns in this President’s land. America is notorious for killings by guns held by private persons. There was a news the other day when a 2 year old shot himself with his father’s gun. Barack Obama had tried to bring a new law to control the issue of guns, but failed. The powers behind the guns are mightier than the President and the guns are ‘safe’ from laws.
The President before departing from India made a gun shot – said something about Article 25 of the Constitution of India to ensure religious freedom here. It is said that the President stated this under pressure from Evangelists in the US.
St. Thomas brought Christianity to India in 52 AD via Kerala. Missionaries have done great works in India – schools, hospitals etc. Many downtrodden Hindus readily embraced Christianity as they were treated like human beings. India allows people to convert to other religion at their will.
A person who converts to another religion has the right to convert to a new religion or reconvert to his original religion. When a person feels disappointed with his religion he feels attracted to a new religion and if at a later stage he feels that his original religion has changed he may come back. The right given by our Constitution doesn’t stop with conversion but allows re conversion also. We should remember that one of the sons of Mahatma Gandhi changed religion and later came back.

Like a coin which has two sides the other side of conversion is reconversion

@Right to Information Act

Political parties had ganged up not to include parties under the purview of RTI Act.
As citizens we have the Right to live (in any way) as per our Constitution, then why parties reveal the source of their income. That is their right. They even have the right to pass a Disinformation Act to give apt replies to stupid questions form the public.
The only remedy is that honest people should comer to politics. See what the veteran politician from Kerala Mr. R.Balakrishna Pillai says in today’s The Times of India,
“I have not taken a bribe from anyone since i came to active politics at the age of 22.” Kerala is not only God’s Own Country, but also ‘BLESSED’ to have such a politician!

Istanbul, Turkey

The ardent disciples of Dinanath Batra are at it again.
Now they are against Tamil writer Perumal Murugan who according to them has shamed the Indian women. In a novel which happens 100 years ago a married woman who is childless has sex with strangers for a child.
According to VHP activists in Tamilnadu the novelist has performed blasphemy, wounding the age old Indian morals and have demanded an apology from him.
Next they will demand an apology from Vyasa. Reason:
Santanu & Sathyavathy’s children, Chithrangadan and Vichithraviryan have no children (due to infertility.?). Sathyavathy calls her son from Maharshi Parasaran, the great Vyasa, and asks him to give children to her daughter in laws. Vyasa adopts the same old strategy which Perumal Murugan’s lady in the novel adopts for a child. Poor Vyasa like MF Hussain he too cannot enter India henceforth.

Now what has this story to do with Istanbul of Turkey. Wait please, had the city’s name been Istancow, these energetic activists would have gone to Turkey to fight for their HOLY cow.

The Never Ending YEARS

For all the old years that went by,
For all the new years to come and
The current year 2015 AD:-

Earth has been conveniently subdivided into nations to be ruled over.
Nations have been divided into developed, developing and Underdeveloped.

A Kerala model development model is said everywhere, which shows Kerala is a developed state. Development never stops here and Nature is not an impediment. A big mustached minster in this cabinet is always ready to give forest land to settlers and encroachers be setting a cut off date. Now it is said to be before 01-01-1977 which will be conveniently revised on or without receipt of applications.This genius once called his constituency his second wife and received a good thrashing from the writer Dr.Sukumar Azhikodeafter which he lives with his first wife.

Counting by the years we can assume that man is developed, even though his nation is developing or underdeveloped, for the past 2014 years. Now it is the 2015th year man has been counting time year wise in an ascending manner.
Before that, years were counted backwards! It is like India and Pakistan talking to each other. One step forward and then two steps backward. That means from the year 1947 the talks may have lead both the nation to about the year 1953. Both Indian and Pakistanis should congratulate each other on this FEAT. Both of us have many more years to go back!

It is not known whether the year zero existed. Math says after the negative numbers comes zero and then starts positive numbers. So when we travel backward to year 1 AD the zero year should come and then the minus years@BC. But alas the Math of years defy, there was no zero year.

Thank God (Christ) we are able to move forward through the time table of years due to God’s intervention.