Beef ban

Beef 🐄 Ban

When you ban beef
Give an alternative for free
I buy beef with my money that i earn
If you think that i will buy the alternative with my money
Then you should replace my brain
Simple washing is not enough.

The Thinker

Why does the thinker always sits?
Reason: he has no clothes.
How can he walk naked?
Ashamed, he sits and thinks…
The only thing possible for an idle man.
Confirming present day’s slogan:
No work-more pay-more thinking.
Photo: The Thinker Why does the thinker always sits? Reason: he has no clothes. How can he walk naked? Ashamed, he sits and thinks... The only thing possible for an idle man. Confirming present day's slogan: No work-more pay-more thinking.



A voice came down from the mountains
For some it was a lark’s sweet song
For some it was a vulture’s shriek
For some it never mattered.

People who thought it was a lark
Fell into a trance
Their hardships lightened
Their sleeps undisturbed
Sweetened with dreams.

People who heard it as a vulture’s shriek
Felt more than one stab in their conscience
Sleep deprived they looked like zombies
For all their nefarious actions visited them
Asking for a space in their beds each night.

Unable to bear they ganged up
All the crooks and murderers
Mostly politicians ruling and opposition
Brew a plan, the voice has to be silenced
Once and for all.

Their men went up the mountains
Found the voice and stopped it
The lords then slept well
The listeners of the lark missed it
The ones who never heard it lost nothing.

Thirty silver coins @ votes?

Once upon a time in the West
There lived a cow
Eulogized by many as holy.
One day she looked and walked East.
Singing paeans thousands followed her
But the holy one lost her way
And inadvertently reached North East
Where unfortunately she became unholy
And ended up as beef on a dining table.
The followers aghast, without words
But returned happily, handful of votes
Like Judas who sold Christ for 30 silver coins.


The coming year may be happy or not
But we are doomed to say Happy New Year
To all, even to the dictator of North Korea or
To the Pak Prime Minister.

The millipede and the centipede not crawled but
Went for a walk on New Year Eve
The centipede gave a hundred new year wishes
While the millipede gave a thousand ones
To each other and parted happily
Not knowing that
Man had lost the Math
In counting their legs.

Dogs’ Nation?

PM visits DMK house
Judge acquits 2G scam accused
Congress celebrates verdict
We show patriotism standing in cinema halls
While the soldier in the border waits for the enemy’s bullets
Is this enough my countrymen
While our country is going to the dogs?

Gujarat – feather or thorn?

BJP as expected did it, but how:

1. The CEC who acted like an ardent BJP member helped by NOT announcing the poll date so that the state and central govt. could go on announcing indefinite welfare measures.
2. The Pak lies told by Modi.
3. The holy ass named Mani Iyer, is he Congress or BJP?

The majority has come down to just 7 seats. Modi and Amit nearly got a heart attack yesterday. Modi has been shot in one leg and he would have to stand on the other till 2019. No more hardcore welfare measures, the stupid linking of aadhaar with even dead bodies may go, the budget 2019 will be a populist one, the IT dept. may be reigned in.

In spite of all this if the women of India go for a young leader Modi can go to the Himalayas and would anybody miss him?

A curious case of Modi vs Rahul

A curious case of Modi vs Rahul where
Modi has nothing to gain and everything to lose while
Rahul has nothing to lose and everything to gain

Fed up with the corruption in UPA 2 India brought Modi. Had UPA 2 been good like UPA 1 we would be having UPA 3 with MMS or Rahul Gandhi as PM. So corruption brought Modi not his 56″ chest.
BJP winning HP is a foregone conclusion and it may win Gujarat also. Congress gave HP in a platter to BJP. They allowed the corrupt ass Veerabhadra to continue as CM even though all knew he was a plunderer. The UDF govt in Kerala too could have been saved in 2016 if the then CM who was mired in the Solar scam was replaced and a partner Kerala Congress (M) involved in bar bribery was thrown out. So the Congress has no ears to the ground. They go by the advice of the old and corruption loving leaders and lose govts. The new President of the party too is not going to be an exception.
Coming back to Modi, he was a messiah to India till Nov 8, 2016. Corruption at IAS level was eliminated as the ministers became clean. Corruption is not an issue in the 2019 election. But with note ban he has proved that he is not with the ordinary Indians. People standing in the sun to withdraw their own money for 52 days…. and none in the govt admitted the mistake. Moreover they danced with joy in winning UP saying that people approved demonetization. Then came the good GST badly implemented. For every repealed obsolete rule came in another 10 new ones. Infosys couldn’t update their software for GST due to the sudden and daily revisions. Modi is now actually in a quicksand.
How and why UP was won or why public ire did not reflect on Modi in elections? From 26/05/2014 till Nov 8 2016 Modi (for 29.5 months) was a king having no rivals and winning most state elections. It takes a few seconds for the pain in the leg to reach the brain. Similarly people may be under the spell of the good governance of the first 29.5 months. Before the Tsunami rises the sea actually recedes first. Modi is enjoying the benefits of his good labour for the 29.5 months.
Rahul is not the idiot or buffoon of 2014. In choosing satirical barbs he has come up to Modi. That GST was Gabbar Singh Tax is a classical example. The shehzada of Modi is now not in Congress but is Amith Shah’s son. Modi’s propaganda in 2014 was marvelous. But he govt had to admit in an RTI query that the photo of his cleaning the floor was a morphed one. There is no proof that he sold tea. During the Uttaranchal deluge there was a story well manged by his campaign managers that thousands (if i remember it correctly it was 50000) of Gujaratis were saved in Innova cars. TOI had called the bluff in this story by calculating the number (about 8000 cars were needed @ 6-7 in each car) of cars that should be used in such an massive operation. It was just a wish of some fan. Dr,Goebbels cannot win forever.
Modi’s only competitor was Nitish, but he was bought by Modi or he meekly surrendered to the BJP, the most clumsiest act in his political life after partnering with the corrupt Lalu. Whether Modi likes it or not Nitish’s space is now occupied by Rahul. If at all Nitish comes back to UPA and it being a sure possibility (his party was not given central ministerial berths) as he is one who changes coat for power he would be standing under Rahul. By consuming Nitish, Modi unwittingly gave power to Rahul. Had Nitish been with UPA he would have been the next PM candidate giving nightmares to Rahul.
We can now itself shout slogans in favour of Modi and eat laddus for tomorrow’s election wins of BJP in HP and Gujarat too.

Ironies…. and a bundle of ’em…

Poems written by undistinguished, unknown poets have no meter or rhyme
But hollow like the inside of a balloon
Like the thing you are reading now
Beware not to fall asleep
Iron rusts ironies never
Man is born free
But falls in a cobweb of burdens
Being a baby and called it
Becomes a he or she when grown up
The Income Tax department leaves out the corrupt politicians
And raids the ordinary public for unaccounted money
The priest in the church is called Father
While his father is only a dad
Mother Theresa in spite of being a mother to all was never a mother
Psychiatrists say that your mind is in the head and treat your brain
Cardiologists say you should not give pressure to your mind
Lest worries give you a heart attack
Lovers say they are made for each other
But later are mad at each other
The big brother may actually be a small man
The iron box is not made up of iron alone
The childhood story says that the life of the evil wizard
Is kept inside the heart of a caged parrot
In a cave beyond seven seas and seven mountains
And we believed the story for years like idiots
When you grow up you see helplessly that your school teacher was so immature
Behind the black holes where suns eat each other
Sits a God controlling man’s destiny
While atheists say everything except god is god
Marriage absolves the illicit relationship between man and woman
There is only one Sun but many stars
You know nothing about you when you are born
But some may know something of them before they die
It is said that Swami Vivekananda would know one day who he is
And would not live for another minute
Vivekananda an atheist earlier became a believer later
Said that there is no god beyond Universe
Is it arranged marriage or murder
Hindus avoid meat on auspicious days to please God
As God is in heaven those who want meat should go to hell
When man signs peace accords would God thank himself
Van Gogh painted pictures but others sold it
The artist made art but businessmen made money
The ground floor of a building hosts ICICI bank Pattom branch
While it’s upstairs has State Bank of India’s Kesavadasapuram branch
Both being different places in Trivandrum
While the inpatients of Trivandrum mental health centre want to get out
One was seen with his wife seeking admission
Life begins, life continues, life ends and again begins, continues, only to end….
And in the end we we’d say, “Honey I fucked it up”!!